Casio adds Wear OS to latest G-Shock watch for the first time

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What just happened? Casio has seemingly beaten Apple to the punch. After rumors surfaced last month that Apple was again considering announcing a rugged version of its smartwatch, Casio has done just that with the introduction of the first G-Shock smartwatch featuring Google’s Wear OS.

The GSW-H1000 is designed to help users stay in shape using activity goals and fitness tracking. Included is a 1.2-inch dual-layer monochrome LCD and color TFT LCD (360 x 360 pixels) touchscreen with a three-tier layout that puts multiple data points at users’ fingertips.

Under the hood, it packs an optical sensor to measure your heart rate, plus a compass, altitude / air pressure sensor, an accelerometer, a gyrometer, a GPS and more. The latest addition to the sporty G-Squad line additionally affords shock resistance and water resistance to a depth of 200 meters.

Casio said the watch “delivers an uncompromising commitment to wearability,” thanks to its use of a soft urethane band that is flexible and durable. There are also “special components” between the band and the titanium case to further ensure a comfortable fit.

Other noteworthy features include a built-in microphone and charging terminal. Speaking of, battery life is rated at approximately 1.5 days on the color side with normal use and about one month in multi timepiece mode (timekeeping and sensors only).

The included Casio app supports 15 activities and 24 indoor workout options out of the box. An additional eight indoor workouts can be added to supplement the preloaded options, we’re told.

The Casio GSW-H1000 will be offered black, blue and red color schemes. Pricing and availability haven’t been revealed as of this writing.

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Which SOC is this thing using?

Hopefully, its a 4100 and it cost around 300. Ideally less than that.

Edit: more info:

1- Price is around US$700.
2- No SOC mentioned.

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I love my G Shock. Reason I don't wear a smart watch... So this might do it for me!


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I have had my G Shock (GW-7900B) for years, I think at least 10, and I have never changed the battery. I did have to replace the wristband. I am not sure if I want a smart watch version though.


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The worst thing about these "smart"watches are the constant need to charge the watch. The life of millenials nowadays is tethering to the wall. I guess people are happy being chained to a wall socket.

I'm a Pro-Trek fan and have been using it's variety since 1990. And I prefer the normal watches which also have solar-recharging in addition to the batteries that run the watch for years.
Now that is what I call rugged.

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Looks alright. It's no Garmin Fenix though. On a full charge my Fenix 6X Pro lasts almost 20 days. It lasts about 80 days in battery saver mode - just showing time.


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Which SOC is this thing using?

Hopefully, its a 4100 and it cost around 300. Ideally less than that.

Edit: more info:

1- Price is around US$700.
2- No SOC mentioned.

At $700, this thing is DOA when compared to pretty much any smart watch offered by Garmin.


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I’ve never really understood the appeal of a G shock watch.

“Hey, do you randomly smash your wrist against walls violently? Do you want a watch that looks like you’ve stolen it from action man or a 12 year old boy? Here buy this bulbous, brightly coloured asymmetrical abomination of a watch that has a 1980s style screen and has the worlds G-SHOCK in capitals so everyone knows you want people to think you are a hardcore outdoorsman. Only $700”.

All that being said I have actually managed to crack my Apple Watch. So I guess if I crack the next one I would have spent the same as this puddle of G shock costs.