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Sep 7, 2007
  1. I have nortan antivirus and such and the ccapp and pifsvc wont initilize properly. I tried to get help from them and what the gave me diddn't work and then their chat help thing froze on me and wont work now so I need some help getting those to work so my virus stuff works.
  2. Po`Girl

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    This has proven to be the best fix for Norton - dump Norton !

    1.Download AVG

    2.(Do this step only if you have a Norton firewall)-Download Zone Aalrm or Comodo

    3.Download Norton Removal Tool

    4.Disconnect from the net,then run the removal tool

    5.Install AVG, and one of the firewalls (if necessary).
  3. iss

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    +1 on using the Norton removal tool to uninstall nortons. if you want to reinstall it after that it is up to you.
  4. Yakob

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    had oo many problems with norton, kept telling me something was accessing the internet when it wasn't even running!!
  5. Bobbye

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    The following is a reply from Symantec to someone who experienced the same problem double failures:

    ""I would like to inform you that this issue has been occurred due to
    Microsoft Patch which has been released as an update. I also would like to
    inform you that, Symantec is working on this issue, as lot of customers are
    receiving same error message. Please note that, Symantec will release a
    Patch as an update, which you will be able to load while performing
    LiveUpdates with in 3 days. I suggest you to run liveUpdate after 2 days
    and check for the issue. As one of our esteemed customer, your satisfaction
    is our primary concern. Please let us know if this issue has been resolved
    completely. If it still persists, we are always here to assist you. "

    I am not referencing the site as the language should not have been allowed to stay. While it is easy to suggest you get another program, that does not help you solve the problem you are having. It appears that this patch has not been issued yet- the posts were dated June, I 'assume' of 2007.
  6. Bobbye

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    This additional information may be useful to you:

    PIFSvc.exe is related to LiveUpdate Notice Service.
    Manufacturer: Symantec Corporation

    Required if you use the Norton AntiVirus 2003 or older versions.

    ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used for both Norton AntiVirus (NAV) and Norton Internet Security (NIS).
    ccApp is responsible for calling the different program features of NAV and NIS. For example, in NAV, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then, Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.
    It loads for each user that logs on to Windows 2000/XP. For Windows 98/Me, this program only loads once.

    So basically you do not have an updated, fully functioning anti-virus program. Since one of these processes appears to be associated with an older version of Norton, you may want to consider updating.
  7. BlameCanada

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    No, just dump it like the first three posters said. :grinthumb
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