Cd-dvd drives

By plutovist
Aug 13, 2008
  1. Hi- I wanted to put some foto files onto a cd but a message comes up after I put the blank into the drawer. message: please put a new blank cd into E: drive.
    I keep removing the blank disc and replacing it but I still get the message. I restored my computer back by 2 weeks and I still get the message. I have an internal cd-dvd drive. It has worked in the past, now 'nadda'. We had a thunder-
    lightening storm earlier this week that knocked out the power, but the computer wasn't on at the time. Thanks in advance for the help. plutoiv
  2. terminator911

    terminator911 TS Rookie

    What burning software are you using?

    Also, do you have multiple burners on the PC? You might try different media and see if that helps. Also, is your drive being recognized by Windows?
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