cd/dvd writer hp 630c

By bev
Sep 29, 2005
  1. any body had problems with this drive I cannot seem to burn disc the drive deeps asking me to insert a blank disc when the disc is blank. I have no error messages and in device manager it tells me the drive is working properly
    mr computer is 'pavilion m1180 media suite drive 630c' hp I also have another drive which is dvd rom ide 6116 which works fine
  2. princehash

    princehash TS Rookie

    Hey there. I have the exact problem with the same pc and drive. It used 2 work before, then i installed a dodgy version of Ulead Movie Factory. Now it does not recognise blank dvd's. However blank cd-rs work and so do dvd-r. Weird huh?

    Well ive searched on google and found this post:

    "Make sure you have ASPI 4.60 installed. You can download it here, just make sure you READ and follow the instructions exactally, and you wont have any problems."

    Although it hasnt worked for me. I dont think it was for the right operating system. If anyone can find this file for XP. please let me know! Thanks
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