Cd rom drive trouble

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Nov 11, 2008
  1. Well..
    I tried to install a dvd rom drive on my computer with no luck.
    I shut down my computer, removed the power cord and hooked up the dvd rom. Then I hooked the power cord back up and started my compter.

    The drive had power and would open and close and everything, just my system did not read as though I had a drive at all... "I tried installing the drivers for it off the web but it told me "requires memorex dvd reader ajib" which is the right driver I've used it before for it on my old pc."

    So with me not knowing that much about computers I figured I would just hook my old cd rom drive back up and wait for my friend to figure it out for me >.<

    So... now that my old cd rom drive is hooked up its giving me the same problem as the dvd rom drive "The cd rom drive worked fine before" My system isn't reading a cd rom at all, as though I do not have one hooked up.

  2. THNDR143

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    I'd replace the cable and double check all connections.
  3. kimsland

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  4. Katmaster

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    Hmm.. I tried both above tips but still no luck.

    When I go to my bios, under cd/rom it says "Not Installed"
  5. akannitaoheed

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    Check jumper settings of the IDE drives. Then go to BIOS settings and make sure all drives are properly registered in there.
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