CD/RW problem - writing too fast?

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Thanks in advance for help someone might offer!

I have a hunch my secondary drive is dying (been with me through 2 systems/5+ years) and would like to move all the data from it to a CD. Using Easy CD Creator it tells me something about the data being written too fast so it could not be written to the CD.

Any idea that I have a CD/RW problem or something else? I replaced the power supply last night hoping the terrible loud noise would go away (didn't - must be the hard drive), and will try the CD write again this afternoon. But I thought someone might have another idea for me in case this doesn't work.

Happy Saturday!


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the horrible loud noise is likely a fan clogged with dust and chattering, though it could be the HDD and if it is, you should attend to it before you lose everything.

As for the CDRW, try burning at slower speeds, also check the cables, disconnect them and reconnect them to make certain they have proper connection. Might also be a buffering problem, or it could be a problem with the burning app.
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Thank you very much! I didn't realize I could burn at slower speeds, I'll check that out plus your other suggestions!


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You mentioned its your secondary drive, and since its a harddrive I am assuming your primary is also a harddrive?
If it is (and likely so if its 5+ years old you'd have a bigger one now) open up the case and listen for the noise, if it is the hard drive - do you have room to move that data to the other harddrive first? I woulnd't trust a HD making (excessive) noise for any amount of time.
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