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Hello, every one. i got a problem with cpu fan.it is so loud and has bad sound like tar...... i want take it out from my laptop to checking but i don't know how to take it from my laptop because it so complicated. can you help me how to take it? i need help please.......

My laptop is Vgn-sz660n...



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But what brand of laptop is your Vgn-sz660n? What do you mean, ":...has a bad sound like tar..."

You remove the keyboard screws from the bottom of your laptop, then lift off the keyboard, and unsnap the bezel pieces to get to the fan mechanism... beyond that, it is just a few more screws.


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Doesn't everyone know what tar sounds like? Umm, ok I don't either. :) I'd be willing to bet that there is also a lot of dust clogging the cooling system. Clean that out while you're in there.
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hello i'm busy a little bit with study... my brand of laptop is Sony. you know i had cleaned it. and i try to find out how to take out my fan. can you tell how to take it?


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Remove the keyboard by removing the screws from the bottom of the laptop... unplugged of course. Make a "map" of where each size of screw came from. (You will need some blue thread goop when you reinstall the screws later.
Once the keyboard if off, you can pop the bezel with hand pressure. You will find the fan beneath the bezel. Use tiny amounts of silicon spray to lubricate the bezel snaps.
I seriously doubt that you need to replace the fan. It is expensive and part of a larger assembly that includes the entire CPU section. It is also very difficult to obtain the correct fan assembly from Sony, or on eBay.
Likely some denatured alcohol with some Q-tips or equivalent, will enable you to clean the blades on the fan.
Sony fans should last for three or five years without replacement.
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i once remove everything from my laptop but i didn't see which to remove fan. my system model of laptop is vgn-sz660n. can u help me, plz?
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