changing motherboards?

By boatman
Jan 7, 2007
  1. ok here goes And please I have seen many post about them being junk so you do not have to tell me lol. Ihave a emachines T6000 3200 amd athlon 64 1 gig ram 160 gig hard drive has a MS-6741 motherboard any how I tried to update bios and if failed to write now I got nothing and the bios from what i can see are soldered in Local place said 40 bucks min to fix them the factory board does not have the fitings on it for SATA drives the loctions are there just no hardware soldered in. I can buy another MS-6741 motherboard for $69.00 and it has the sata spots What all would I have to do if i used this new board as far as hard drive, and all ather hardware and software. and would I gain much buy getting the board with sata I do have two 36 gig sata hard drives I could use are they better?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If the specs (apart from the SATA hardware) are the same as your previous motherboard, you can swap those bords without any problem. You'll need to reload the mobo-driver CD just to be sure. To get SATA going, most likely there will be a floppy with that new board containg the SATA drivers. Read the manual when you get it.
    Keep that 160GB as your main drive and use the 36GB SATAs as extra storage.
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