Changing shortcuts from one drive to the other

By sprandel17
Dec 28, 2008
  1. I recently had to move the programs of the 80gb drive of my computer to the 250gb drive and used a program by funduc called appmover or something like that. It moved 99% of the programs successfully and it said it would change the shortcuts to reflect the change, it didn't though...

    Now on my desktop I have a bunch of shortcuts pointing to

    C:\program files\____.exe and I want them to point to

    E:\program files\____.exe

    Same goes for the start menu, that's gonna take some time if I have to right click and change the target of every file individually... How can I change them faster, is there a program out there to do it for me?

    TL;DR: I have a bunch of broken shortcuts, I need to point them to another drive. It would be nice if there was an app for this.
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