Chipset overheating?

By dangerjones
Jul 20, 2006
  1. One day last week, my computer kept restarting itself over and over. It didn't really matter what it was doing - it could either be idle, working, or just starting up, and it would still restart. No blue screen, just plain old restart. I figured there was a Windows problem since it had been over two years since I had reformatted. Reformatted, and it still happened. However, I was able to back up everything up in Safe Mode with it only restarting once or twice.
    However, after I reinstalled Windows, it still restarts. I opened the case, and the chipset fan isn't work, so I assume that's the problem - that the chipset got too hot and would restart. However, I got a new chipset fan, but it still restarts.
    Could it be that the chipset got permanent damage from the fan not working, or is there something I'm missing. Thanks in advance for any help. . .
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