Chkdsk problems after Windows reinstall: Deleting Orphan Files...

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First of all, I have read a few other threads dealing with a similar issue so I am aware this has been discussed before. However, I want to start a thread specific to my problem.

After suffering a devastating problem with Windows, I decided it was time to do a system reinstall. I have done this many times, so it has become somewhat routine for me.

I have two hard drives, with the largest being a 200GB HD. I have windows on it's own partition on the smaller of the two drives, with the 200GB drive being my storage drive.

Anyway, I wiped clean my system partition and reinstalled windows like I normally do. However, after the system rebooted, it ran chkdsk. Chkdsk wanted to check my storage drive. It began saying something like deleting orphan file #### etc. Then after that, it starting saying Inserting an index entry into index &0 of file 25 over and over and over...just kept going and going. At this point I feared it was destroying my data. So, I turned off the computer to interrupt what it was doing. After that, I continued installing windows and then when finshed, I checked my storage drive. I could still see everything...files and folders. However, some files and some folders could not be accessed, some saying they were corrupt. Some files still do work, indicating to me, that I did not let chkdsk destroy everything.

So my questions are, first of all, what the heck does Inserting an index entry into index &0 of file 25 mean?

Because I can see and open much of my drive, this tells me one of two things could be happening. Either chkdsk was destroying my data, and I stopped it before it could do more damage, or...

...or by chkdsk saying Inserting an index entry into index &0 of file 25 , it was fixing my files and if I let it finish, my drive will be back to normal.

I don't want to let it finish until I know what the heck Inserting an index entry into index &0 of file 25 means. Any help? Will letting chkdsk finish help? Or will it do more damage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


go to Admin Tools ->Services and disable Indexing Services
you don't need this unless you use the Search feature every 10 secs :(

it's a very bad idea to interupt chkdsk!

boot into SAFE MODE and use RUN->CMD->chkdsk /f
and leave it alone until done.

whatever is left is good data and the filesystem is consistent.
Ok problem is solved!! What happened was, I had windows upgraded to Service Pack 2. My CD version of windows is a pre-SP2 version. So when I installed the older windows version, the large hard drive must have given the system problems being able to handle the large hard drive. So, I upgraded back to SP2 and then upron reboot it ran chkdsk again. This time it went through and repaired the orphan files. Now all my files and folders are all back to normal on the drive. PHEW!!! Now, I will go ahead and do what I've been meaning to do...back up my most precious files. The portion of the drive missing was all my recent pictures...irreplaceable stuff. Most of the stuff that was there was replaceable like MP3s and stuff...go figure. All is well though. Just thought I'd give an update.
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