Chromebook vs Windows 10


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Simple question, if you have & use a Chromebook, your pro & con.
Does brand matter? I've been a W HP user TIA :)??
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I bought a cheap Android tablet. Once I realized I couldn't use it for photo display, without Google software an an internet connection, I threw it away. The same is true for "Chrome books", which, after all, are just a glorified Android OS, with some "valued added" software.

Android phones.are just as bad, with the necessity of getting function specific "apps", for such routine chores as ordering coffee, (Starbucks), weather and news (any broadcast network). There is a plethora of redundant, ridiculous, and potentially harmful "crapplications" for mobile phones, which people install needlessly and mindlessly.

Windows is an independent platform, which performs most common tasks, without internet dependence.. However, with any stock browser, you can perform all of the internet functions of a phone or Chrome book, without resorting to added apps. Granted, if you're stupid enough to amuse yourself on Facebook, malware is required.
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