Civilization Online MMO detailed, developed using CryEngine 3

Justin Kahn

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New details have surfaced on the upcoming Civilization Online, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) title in development by XLGames and 2K, courtesy of Massively. Unlike past Sid Meier Civ titles, this is not a turn based strategy game where you...

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Had no idea they were making an MMO based on Civilization. I love the game, so am definitely interested.


At first I was puzzled how making an MMO out of Civilization could work. Then you explain it and get me worked up about "Civilization Online will allow for gamers to choose different careers at will, on a situational basis. You might choose careers that consist of developing new tech, waging war or participating in covert espionage against your enemies". Then you tell me it's only launching in South Korea...


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Well if singleplayer takes hours to complete a single Civilization game, I can only imagine how long it will take people in the MMO to complete something.

I hope they have a in-game store because they are definitely going to need it to speed things up.


Sounds very similar to Forge of Empires
a week ago they anounced progresive era and im wondering if they going to push it to space era
that will take about 5 years to complete the game (as I see it atm)


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Can't say I blame them for avoiding a North American release at first. With every MMO released in America, gamers commit to constant whining, effectively destroying the game's reputation before it even has a chance to prove itself through the first year of development/evolution/stabilization.


So this will be more refined Travian knock-off with much better graphics?