CL Audigy + Inspire 5700 = DTS?

By Munkee ยท 4 replies
Feb 10, 2002
  1. I hope somebody here knows how to answer this. I've had an Audigy for a while but I just now got my CL Inspire 5.1 5700. I decided to test it out after setting it up and heres the problem: I set the Audigy to digital output only (digital DIN connector), 5.1 speaker setup, and disabled the Audigy's onboard decoding to use the external decoder. I run a DVD (in WinDVD or PowerDVD w/ audio set to S/PDIF) in Dolby Digital it runs fine. The indicator on the decoder lights up telling me its decoding AC-3. But if I run the DVD in DTS which the external decoder is supposed to handle,(same settings: S/PDIF, digital output, onboard decoding disabled) the DTS indicator on the decoder will blink once, then shutoff. I'll get no sound and the movie runs REAL choppy. If I switch it back to dolby on the root menu it runs fine. But if I switch WinDVD from S/PDIF to 6 speaker (5.1), then select DTS it plays fine but the volume is real low. Is there any way to set it up so my decoder handles the DTS instead of the software? Am I doing something wrong? Somebody help please!
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    Pissing me off!!!

    This is starting to get on my nerves!!:mad: I've been switching between connectors, settings, players and things keep getting worse!! sometimes I'll only get 2 speakers, sometimes all 5 but all playing the same signal, ect... If one of you out their has (or if you theoretically had) a SB Audigy Plat w/ inspire 5700 speakers how would you set them up for best sound experience? (DTS, Dolby, music, games...) what settings would you use? Help pleez!!:(
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    still havin problems here. any help?
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    Dont know if you solved your problem but I have a similar one- I have Audigy and Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700- then using WinDVD with DTS enabled- cant get the light to come on on the decoder

    thanks for any help
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