Clearing up my computer with HJT

By Vampblades
Jan 16, 2008
  1. Help with Hijack This & Combo logs

    Ok so here's the deal, i just had to restart my comp because my PF Usage was at 4.72 GB, and yes, you read that right. My svchost.exe for my network service was using up 500,000 k memory ...... and now looking at it, it seems to slowly suck up more memory as my computer is on, so, i think its time to clean house. I know my computer is REALLY messed up and i need your guys' help because i know a lot about comps, but im bad at this stuff haha. Log is attached. THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS!!!

    The combo fix log is also attached. AVG won't create a log, but all it found were tracking cookies anyway.

    Please help me out guys, i cant have my comp on for more than 2 hours before the memory is all sucked up.

  2. Vampblades

    Vampblades TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry for the double post but, please a little help here?
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