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By Skye22
Sep 7, 2011
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  1. I have a 8GB USB that I am trying to put files on to. However in Finder it appears there is nothing at all on it. In the information section it says 7.99GB is used but where are the files that are using this space? How can I clear these mysterious files?
  2. Teranius

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    Sounds like you're using a mac pc, so I can honestly tell you I know next to nothing about your OS seeing as South Africa is mostly Microsoft and Linux reliant, but I can try to give you some general tips.

    Usually what you have means that there is a virus on your USB stick/flash drive. It takes up all available space on the drive and then hides itself. In windows you would simply select the options to reveal all hidden and system files and folders and then delete the offending virus files.

    I don't know whether mac has an option like that, but it should if it's worth anything.
  3. Tedster

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    just because a device says you have X GB of something doesn't mean ALL of it is available for storage. Some is used for directory and system use. Also don't confuse storage space with physical space. A device listed with X terabytes, gigabytes, etc.... may be bigger or smaller because bytes are in groups of 8.

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