Clustering Display Issue

By Straptical
Aug 26, 2017
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  1. So I have been working for several years on a concept based on my frustration with motherboard limitations support beyond their onboard CPU's. The theory I was taught and seems to still hold true (mothers can have multiple children, but children can't have more than one mother) MB = mother, CPU= child. All jokes with inbreeding, adoption and Bruce Jenner aside, this has proven to be a good rule of thumb. Multiple CPU support is limited by the number of CPU's among other performance limitations. I set out to create what I coined as a FatherBoard (not sure if it is a term used elsewhere). The theory was a father could have multiple children from numerous mothers. After creating a prototype based on ASUS | AMD 64 boards, honing my soldering skills, and spending more time in Windows XP than any human should ever endure, I'm hung up on... yep you guessed it. The video cards on each board (current prototype is 4 boards) will not display a single GUI interface. The processors have been mostly configured using a traditional master | slave configuration; but unless a green screen OS is due for a mainstream comeback, the FatherBoard dream will end up in the Recycle Bin with my other OCD endevours like VHSetaMax and CeeDeesLaserDiscs. Any recommendations or readings on Clustering both CPU's and Video Cards would be much appreciated. In the spirit of the TV Show Sister Wives, I'd love to make a spin off show called Sister Boards a reality...

    If this succeeds, I will embark on my follow up concept of creating an even more complex cluster (still in the concept phase) called a Mother-Grandma-Board!!!
  2. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Maniac Posts: 698   +125

    When you come out of fantasy land start checking your video cards on another mobo that works.
    If those video cards fail and they are dated just recycle them or burn them in a metal trash can.
    If the video cards do work I suggest looking into the pci or agp slots on the mobo.
    Find out if they are shot by looking at the bios setup screen.
    If its anything I hate more than anything in the IT industry is asus products.
    Stay clear of their mobo lineups or troubleshoot more than you need to.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,887   +1,273

    HUMMM; And the BIOS is connected to which board? Papa, Mama, Child (which sibling?)

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