Comcast and routers and the internet

By matlock
Mar 22, 2006
  1. Ok this is my story
    I have comcast cable internet and was using a microsoft router sending a signal to my laptop.
    A few weeks ago my internet was down and called them and they said it was on there end and some one would have to come out and fix this. They did not show up and i called them again and with my router unhooked and the computer hard wired to my modem they found out that my network card was disabled. so there tech told me to reenable it and i did that and my internet was working again. But as soon as i hooked my router and so on back up it now my internet wont work again. so if i go hard wire its working good and as soon as i send my modem into my router then i get nothing. I know my router is good as i have two of them and tryed them both and same thing. So I think that they blocked my ip address or some thing so i can not share my connection. I know that you have to pay an extra 10 dollars per computer thats using there internet. I have looked at all my settings and the only thing thats different is my subnet mask is different
    hard wired its
    wireless its
    I dont know if this could be the trouble or not since i am not to to good with networks.
    any thoughts?
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Did you configure your router the same as your computer? If your computer is set to retrieve the IP configuratin automatically (when hardwired), then that's how your router's WAN interface should be set.

    Also, Comcast may allow only a certain network interface connected to the modem (your computer's) and you would have to set up MAC address spoofing on the router to make it look like your PC.
  3. Samstoned

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    i use comcast
    make sure router is set to auto or dynamic
    there system polls the modem all the time
    the ip address seems to be static ,but for some (comcast) reason if you set the router to a static address it will not get the modem mac disable dhcp
    comcast just changed there rules about dhcp assigning address from the router lan
    comcast does allow multi networking same price
    if it not there router(leased)they will not help with the config
    If I did not have a cheap voip phone line I would go back to verizon it's 3m now
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