Comcast reaches speeds north of 4 Gbps with latest 10G modem test


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Not to be insensitive, but if Comcast managed to charge a deceased person for a service they don't have, you might want to check and make sure she hasn't been voting in Connecticut since then either. We all know that happens, don't @ me.

What I meant was that she was charged her all those years since my mom and her sister looked through her billing when she passed away. She was 94 and sadly you could see the decline and Comcast and even a contractor milked her and lied and said she had her driveway repaved for $2,500 but all he did was resealed it!

I hear horror stories in area's like Fairfield which the area is filled with mostly rich old folks. I know Comcast foams from the mouth in those area's.


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Comcast should do something useful and remove the data cap limit or at least extend it to 2TB. It's too easy to hit 1TB, especially when you have a family of 4+ people and it's summer time or kids are forced to do distance learning for school.....way too easy to hit 1TB of data.

Come on Comcast, do something that'll actually benefit your customers.....

Bruh, not anti-cap but that's kinda how duopolies work.