Comcast's public Wi-Fi hotspots injecting ads into your browsing experience

Himanshu Arora

TS Addict
In a move that's bound to raise security concerns, Comcast has started inserting ads on websites you visit while using any of the company's 3.5 million publicly accessible Wi-Fi hotspots across the US.

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As they say, free comes with an AD up your a$$. And according to the providers, it is not the worst-case scenario. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


TS Redneck
God-damn I wish they would regulate the ad usage somehow. It is already to the point of half our browsing experience being ads.

Kezhen Gao

TS Booster
Imagine cable subscribers who pay money to have ads broadcasted to their TVs. Can you imagine if cable TV is free with ads and those who pay can watch their programs interrupted? With that in mind, what Comcast is doing is not the worse out there.


TS Evangelist
I assume they're talking about ad's on mobile devices because it's very possible to have a desktop running on wifi if your're lucky enough to be slap bang in the middle of a wifi hotspot.
I don't understand why not everybody runs an ad blocking program like AdBlock on their systems unless they're masochists and love the torture. On mobile it's not so clear cut but there are some pretty effective ad blocking apps that can be sideloaded, it's what I did and it works.


TS Ambassador
I scan the system and it finds 31 ad sites cookies. It was a lot more. I have programmed the enterprise manage router to block out by IP these ad sites. I have another 31 more to ad. The same can be done in the HOST file but you would put the in there to block them if you want to connect to any site using Comcast WiFi HotSpot.