Coming out of hibernation by itself

By matrix86
Oct 14, 2015
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  1. About a year ago, I bought an SSD. I copied my hard drive and put everything on the SSD. Ever since, when I put my computer in hibernation, it will randomly come back on without me doing anything. I tried reinstalling Windows and it didn't fix anything. It wasn't that bad at first, so I just ignored it. I upgraded to Win10 and thought this would fix the problem. But it still happens. And for the past week, it's gotten worse. I go to bed around 9pm, and then at about 4-5am, it'll just randomly come out of hibernation. Or sometimes I can put my computer into hibernation, run out to the grocery store and when I come home, Windows is up and running. I had originally thought maybe it was my wireless mouse and keyboard. Both were starting to wear out on me and get real finicky so I bought a new wired mouse and keyboard, but the problem persisted.

    Has anyone ever had this issue? Is it something with Windows, or a hardware issue? It coming on while I'm out doesn't bother me, it's the turning itself on at 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning that pisses me off. Wakes me up every time.

    *this is a custom computer build, by the way*
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    There are so many possible reasons for this behaviour. It is a long-standing problem, but the solution I usually recommend is to open Control Panel, power options and create a new personal power plan. Click on 'Create a power plan' and from the three standards presented as starting points, choose 'balanced' and give it a personal name. Then when you have set that new plan as the default power plan, click on 'change power settings', and on the next page, click on 'change advanced power settings'.

    Now the real job begins. You have to go through every leaf of the power tree you are shown, and set off or zero everything you might imagine could wake your PC. For example Sleep / allow wake timers / disable

    Unfortunately, I do not run Windows 10 (possibly never will) so I cannot tell you if there are new or different settings available. To be honest, quite often it is some other software that wakes up your PC, such as an anti-virus package doing some tests, a backup program backing up your data to a cloud, or Win 10 telling MS what you have been up to all day......

    Finally, there is a better way to put a PC into sleep/hibernation, such as creating a desktop icon that runs C:\windows\system32\psshutdown.exe -d -t 0

    psshutdown.exe may or may not be in Win 10 now, but it is easy to find on the web, and finding out what it's options are should not be beyond you.
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