Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun multiplayer

By helpisneeded
Nov 26, 2011
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  1. Hi im fairly new and inexpierenced with computers, im trying to set up two laptops to play against each other on the multiplayer function of tiberium sun, unfortunately all i have achieved is that i can get both computers in the lobby, but not recognising each other, and i also downloaded a program logmein hamanchi which allows a connection created through lan in which we can carry out conversations... as far as anything else... i have nothing? i dont know if i need to set new ip addresses or summasks on both? but basically i have no ideas and i find most discussions on this topic previously quite hard to understand?
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    Oh man haven't played Tiberium Sun in ages online so I have no idea how relevant any of this information is to you, but here I go. Tiberium Sun used to use an online service provided by Westwood/EA but sadly has been shut down for some time. It appears that the community has picked up where EA left off with running their own server for gamers still wanting to play and here is the link if interested, I have no experience with them mind you.

    Note if you want LAN only via Hamachi you'll need to go the IPX route as most games used that by default back then, however I cannot help you there much either, this link may shed some light or check out the XWIS community who likely has more experience than me with this subject.

    [Updated] Found this post which should give you more of an idea on what to do.

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