Comp is very choppy....

By deadman1013
Aug 6, 2006
  1. Hey guys i am confused here... one day i was playing some crap games and then my comp screen went black with a *tuk* sound.... i restarted my comp and ever since then my whole comp has been very laggy like... i have to wait some time for some program to start... but once it has started it goes smoothly... if i wanna switch then it will lag... any ideas guys?????
  2. canada89

    canada89 TS Rookie

    You may have spyware that is eating your systems memory, and causing you computer to focus on those proccesses instaed of the ones you are using, try alt+crtl+del and kill any processes that are not needed
  3. deadman1013

    deadman1013 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i have checked and the 5 biggest memory usage is the stuff i am using like firefox, wmplayer, and so on...... and anyways do u noe how to delete something that is already in use??? cause i am trying to delete something and it says it is in use.. wen i go to task manager i cant find out which process is it cause the names are diff... so any ideas???
  4. canada89

    canada89 TS Rookie

    try downloadin spybot seach and destroy from and use its clean disk option (or something like that)
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