Comp. wont fully power up no monitor with card installed

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Sep 28, 2008
  1. i have a lenovo thinkcentre s51 8171. i am attempting to install a video card. when i install it into slot the comp only partialy powers up i can even see the fan on the card working but i get no monitor keyboard or mouse. i do get a sequence of beeps followed by nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated been looking for an answer for 3 days now with no results.

    cpu: intel pentium 4 530
    core speed: 2992.8 mhz
    mainboard: ibm
    model: ibm
    memory: tyep ddr
    size: 2048
    channels#: dual
  2. mailpup

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    What card are you trying to install? Some require a supplementary power connector. Also, it's possible your power supply isn't powerful enough to supply the new card.

    The series of beeps are codes trying to tell you the problem area. What is the sequence of beeps? Check the beep guide in your manual.
  3. tone led

    tone led TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the card is a nvidia geforce 8500 gt. no power connector needed and i am running 700w psu.
    i have no manual on this comp im afraid.
  4. tone led

    tone led TS Rookie Topic Starter

    doesnt matter after days of searching i have discovered that this comp was supposed to have been shipped with a plastic bevel on the pci express slot that was to prevent anything but a pcie x1/ dv1. so this comp isnt compatable with the pcie x16 card i have. wish the bevel would actualy have been there to save me the time and expense.
  5. Acclamator

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    See, you solved your own issue. Good work :)
  6. tone led

    tone led TS Rookie Topic Starter

    need to beware of the vendors web site aswell they gave incorrect specs on the comp
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