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Mar 12, 2011
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  1. Alright, so this is a compability question regarding a 2006 MB and a 2008 CPU:

    I'm about to make a rather expensive deal, so before I do this, I need to know if there are any incompatible facts need to know of.

    The deal: I want to upgrade my motherboard with a new CPU.

    Current setup:
    CPU: AMD Athlon II 3700+ - 2219MHz FSB
    Motherboard: Asus A8N-E (Targa Edition)

    Memory: 2GbB DDR SDRAM (4*Siemens 512MbB ~350MHz) OC
    Videocard: 1GbB XFX (ATi) Radeon HD4550 Passive, 512MbB HyperX included
    Cooling: Cat-hair
    Soundcard/Speakers: Sweex SC015 7.1 / Pioneer SE-L40 from 1972 & Panasonic RX-CS780
    Hard Disk(s): 2*7200rpm Hitachi, 300GbB, 1024GbB

    The newer CPU in question: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+

    My old board has socket 939, and the newer CPU has socket 939 (this, I'm sure of).

    The current PSU has a total power-coefficient of 350W, but I have a 600W just laying around if I need to upgrade that part.

    Any thoughts? Like, "the motherboard's chipset doesn't support X2-CPU's" or anything like that would be greatly appreciated.

    And I do not want any comments about my PC being obsolete or "just buy a new PC instead."

    Ha, get this: the OEM manufacturer of the motherboard vs CPU stated that they made a mistake regarding the name back in 2006 - resulting in this Athlon 64 or Athlon II question. It is an Athlon 64 CPU, but it's called Athlon II by the manufacturer of the specific board vs. CPU configuration.
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  3. Lokalaskurar

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    Umm.... maybe I got a bit excited last time I posted.

    Asus wants you to check your BIOS revision before updating, so I checked. My MB BIOS revision is 0202, but Asus doesn't provide any information regarding 0202 on their website. Should I consider my BIOS being a 1002 as I'm using the AMD Athlon II 64 3700+, or should I look for more information about the 0202 revision instead?

    The MB has a BIOS-capsule, so I could theoretically swap capsules and install an upgraded BIOS revision on the other capsule (I have some spares).

    Could this theoretically work? Is there anything I need to consider?
  4. Lokalaskurar

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    (I've already edited the post above, btw)

    So I checked the PC and it turned out I had a very strange BIOS revision (the 0202).

    Any tips on my progress? (check last post)
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    By the way I don't think you mean Athlon II. Athlon II CPUs are socket AM3 not 939.

    I can't account for the BIOS version your motherboard came with originally. However, it really doesn't matter since you will want to use the latest BIOS to update your motherboard. In fact if you click on any BIOS version on the Asus list, it will take you to the latest version which is 1013. Use that one.
  6. Lokalaskurar

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    Blast, of course I really meant Athlon 64 not Athlon II... pardon. (-_-')

    My current plan is to flash a replacement BIOS capsule, as I DEFINITELY don't want my old one to go caputte! So I'll swap capsule in about 12 days, and I'll keep everyone posted as to what happens next.

    I have little experience when it comes to swapping BIOS's, I've only done it twice, and both methods where completely different, you see.
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    Phenom II X4 965 3.4Ghz
    Asus 880G Mobo with USB 3.0 & Sata 6.0Gbps
    G Skill 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600

    Still under what you are looking at paying for that dated Athlon X2 at a grand total of $359.97

    I know you said "And I do not want any comments about my PC being obsolete or "just buy a new PC instead." "

    But come on man, almost $400 for JUST a 3 year old CPU... thats i7 range there bud. Please take this into consideration.
  8. Lokalaskurar

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    Even though I appreciate the gesture, I'm not sure if NewEgg even ships to my country... And who said anything about money? :p

    That's over $300 more than what I'm paying for this CPU, mr.


    Now, I never mentioned anything about pricing (part from the top of this post). And I have other PC's which have great parts like the Core 2 E8500 - named the 17:th best processor as of this date (O.C. of course).

    But for reasons regarding software, NOT upgrading this PC in particular will cost me over $4.500 and 50 man-hours, due to reasons regarding the software, hard drive and the motherboard in this unique combination. This is also why I don't want my BIOS to be flashed wrongly or why I don't want to buy a new computer as a replacement for this machine. It's rather expensive...

    I can explain later.

    So in other words, it's too expensive for me not to upgrade this PC. Although I have a timespan of 4 more years, the 4800+ might not stick around for that long.

    Btw: I know you removed that part of your post, but this 4800+ is a 939, 100% sure, it even says so on its top. :p

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