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Hello TechForum! ^^

Well, I just registered and that's because I have a problem with my computer and I believe you guys can help me out with this.

This has been happening for quite sometime now. Since I believe I can fix any problem on my own but it seems to me that I've proven myself wrong. Not too long ago my PC has been shutting off by itself. I have a HP Pavilion PC. The big button used to start up my PC blinks forever if I don't unplug the cable out of my panel. Note that the crash does not happen alot.. it just crashes once a day, mostly from being on alot. So I didn't really pay attention to this. Though I knew something may be wrong.

I'm an intense gamer. I love games alot, either it would be console or the computer itself. So you can see that problems might be abit common since I play alot of intense MMORPG games that take up CPU greatly. Before while my PC crashed only once, I was playing a game that took up ALOT of ram. Though I seemed fine. Then I tried out another game, what I noticed was it was crashing as soon as I began playing the game. Which scared me alittle, seeing my PC surrendering like that to a game. So what I though was maybe my PC is just clogged up with dust. I've had this PC for 2 years so far and I haven't cleaned anything or changed anything. The processor, heat sink, cpu, fans, everything is the same when I bought this PC.

So what I did was uncrew the case of my panel, (of course the PC was off and unplugged) and I simply started to clean out some dust. Noticing how clogged up my fans and panel was with dust. I used a cotton swab to collect the dust. Not wanting to screw something up with my fingers.

Now when I placed back the case, I noticed that this issue has gotten severely worst. I cannot even run a simple 10MB+ game thats low graphic without crashing. I'm a music fan and I cannot even run iTunes. This has been happening since Monday this week, I was simply trying to investigate this issue, but there's nothing that seems suspicious that may cause this problem. I cannot even stay on this forum long enough to post this post, I'm currently writing all of this in Notepad to quickly post it in a board. Although for some reason I can run MSN Messenger fine, along with all the processes that run at startup.

Other sites work fine, I'm sure it isnt anything to do with network connectivity.

What happens is, when it crashes, the button that I push that starts up the PC. (Not my moniter button, which is very small. The panel button, which is big.) The panel button has a blue light at the back. It's not blue it self, but there is a blue light on behind the button.

When the computer crashes, the moniter completely shuts off the that panel button blinks. NOTE that the blue light blinks. It will not start up the PC at all. The only thing I got to do is unplug the cable at the back of the panel. Even with the plug unplugged, it still blinks for a while. (Which scared the hell out of me, seeing it has no electric energy to show any light at all..)

Then when it stops, I plug the cable back in, the computer turns on automatically.

NOTE IF I start the PC as SOON as it crashed, it will crash as soon as I even boot the computer. Where it says "Windows XP" It'll crash.

I'm currently running a multi-boot PC. One is XP, other is XP (Mixed up with Vista). As soon as I select a boot, it will crash aswell.

Thats why I sometimes just unplug the cable and walk away. Come back 10 minutes later and I can successfully login to my desktop.

If anybody can help, it would be grateful. If you would like any stats about my temperature, my processor or ANY information needed to help you out, simply ask.




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Almost certainly a hardware issue. And I'm smiling to myself as I write this because this fits into the cliche'd response of it probably being your PSU or the RAM. Based on your electrical comments I would guess it is the power supply.

To eliminate the RAM, or at least attempt to, you can download and burn a memtest iso, then boot from that and run it several passes. If it can't make it a pass without freezing (but no memtest errors) I would say there is a 95% chance it is your PSU.
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Thanks for replying. For some reason, I've had MemTest in my Control Panel for a very long time and I have no idea what it does untill 2 days ago. I ran it seeing as most people suggest to run it. As soon as I got to 2% my PC crashed... this is how serious and how annoying this problem is.


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Memtest shouldn't be in a control panel... The one I'm referring to is from you download the iso and then burn that to a disk, boot from the disk, and it runs outside of Windows.

It sounds like a power supply issue to me though, and unfortunately those are one of the components where you get what you pay for.
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Kk, well I'll try MemTest again, I'll get back and tell you how it turns out.

EDIT: Uh.. mind helping me out with this. I mounted the iso file with Daemon Tools. Which i believe is the same as burning it out. Since I do indeed recieve some new files.. what now? Is memtest suppose to automatically run as I boot my PC?


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You have to burn it, the idea is to run this outside of your OS. It boots up a linux like environment and runs from there, you can't run it from within Windows.
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I managed to get the problem fixed. A friend recommended someone and he did a pretty good job. What he did was he just checked the processor, he ran an eraser across a long chip. Not really sure what it was exactly.

What he found out was there's a small piece to my fan that allows pressure, guiding the heat to the heatsink. I don't have that small piece. So my PC's been getting at an extremely high temperature.
He also said something with my current operating system lacks a component that's been deleted or erased or either damaged. Willing to install Vista Ultimate for a good price.

Thanks for all your help though guys.
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