Computer crushes and freezes

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Jun 14, 2008
  1. First of i would Like to thank any one who reads this post, and to let you know that I realy apretiate you taking your time to help me solve this problem.

    Computer is jast build
    no OC
    900 antec(new eddition)
    EVGA 790i ultra sli
    Q9450 yorkfild CPU 45nm
    DDR3 2x2GB OCZ 1600Mhz
    XFX 9800GTX Black Eddition GPU
    950W roswill PSU
    150Gb Raptor 10,000 RPM Sata/Pata
    Creative sound blaster platinum
    Vindiws Vista Ultimate With SP1 64bit
    Lattest Bios(P05), and driver for the board and lattest driver for he GPU
    22" samsung (5mps i think)

    My computer crushesh and freezes with the same image on the screen without responding even to cntrl+alt+del, I have to reboot. Crushes happening when Vista logo comes up when windows loading(not always only rarely so far only maybe 7 times), During my playing of coll of duty 4, here crushes happening when game loads, after 2min game play, and after 30-90 min of game play both single and multy player. in single player 50% of the freezing occures at the same spots(maybe map is loading at thouse spots). In Age of Connan is same thing it crushesh when game load or after game loads(one thing in age of conan system will almost always freeze when i am standing in the water within 1to about 3 sec of playing).

    What have I done so far.

    -DL lates important updtes for windows vist ult (from windows update in start menue)
    -DL latest drivers
    -Replaced motherboard to another 790 ultra sli EVGA, with no luck I replace that one to Intel Extreme board.(with intel board comp would not freaze anymore, it will jast restart by itself), no luck went back to 790i EVGA ultra sli
    -replaced Ram to DDR3 1333Mhz Patriot 2x2gb
    -took of sound blaster and reinstal windows without it
    -replaced GPU to 9800GTX BFG
    -instaled vista 32 bit
    -new HDD Western Digital 7,200 sata, with no help got another 7,200 sata HDD
    -Bought Zalman 9700 with new paste
    -Bought Power Protecting thing APC
    -took off side panel put all fans on high (and put huge fan to the side of the case blowing directly at the system)
    -in MSconfig disable all start up programs

    What I am Planing on Duing
    -Getting old drivers and older bios
    -chnaging PSU
    -changing CPU
    -Puting 12,000 BTU Airconditioner on the side of the computer blowing right into system
    -instaling windos xp

    I am in great need of help :dead:
    I will listen to any advice and follow it precicly

    One more thing if you do reply, try to make your post as easy understandable as possible for a nooby person like me.
  2. rusmib

    rusmib TS Rookie Topic Starter

    DirectX 10

    I am curntly looking to get directX 10 and it seems there is no link to DL it from the wed.
    I would need some help on how to obtaain direct x 10 too.
    thank you.
  3. Potatoskin

    Potatoskin TS Rookie

    Sounds to hot

    Well it seems from here that your cpu is overheating and your motherboard is protecting your cpu by shutting down.

    the best way to find out if your cpu is to hot is to get a temp monitor program that will show you how hot your cpu is when its working hard.

    second directx10 comes with vista and the update is included with sp1.

    I know that Gears of war and Mass Effect both have the new drivers for DirectX10.
  4. rusmib

    rusmib TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I just checked with SpeedFun and it tells me
    System 90C
    CPU 25C
    AUX 32C
    Temp 60C
    Core0 33
    Core1 31
    Core2 30
    Core3 30

    Yes thouse 90C and 60C looks bad waht are thouse 2 and how do I get tham down?
  5. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    do u have good air flow in and out of the case? that is what it sounds like is the problem as the 90C is too hot for the processor temp. u are getting, and I do not know what the 60C is. what is the program that gives u those temps. tell u?
  6. Daproblemis

    Daproblemis TS Rookie Posts: 46

    Crush and Freeze

    The tepm is high. Is the device in a closed cabinet? If so, move it. I would also open the case and make sure all fans are running.

    Hope this helps.
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