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Oct 22, 2008
  1. ISSUE:
    My PC turns on, then off, then on etc.. This is what is happening: Upon hitting the power button the machine will power up for about 3 seconds with no POST then turn off. It will then turn back on then turn off etc. etc. etc.... The system does not POST.

    The only way to turn it off is to hold the power switch down.

    I have been through hoops YTD and this had been going on for about 5 months. I have RMA'd three Gigabyte GA-965-DS3 v3.3' motherboards and ended up with a new chipset GA-EP35-DS3R after I used all my components on a Buddy's board and they worked on the newer chipset. After I switched out all my components with my new Mobo the computer worked fine for about a month. Then one day I shut it off and it started to cycle, I quick restarted and it turned on. I left it on for about a week and was able to put the computer in standby and restart it. I wanted to shut it down to see what happens and whoalla my system is back to square one cycling away.

    -Disassembled my entire computer and tested each of my components and they work
    -Upgraded my chipset, system worked, then failed
    -Ruled out front panel power switch by unhooking power jumper and using a screw driver
    -Cleared CMOS
    -Moved RAM around in different configurations
    -Called Gigabyte support.... Enough said

    I really do not want to deal with RMAing my MOBO again, but if I have too I will. Any and all advice is welcome at this point. I have 2 more GB of RAM coming later this week that I will try out that is the same as my current. I think it is either my MOBO, CPU, or RAM, however with the way this is happening it might be a short somewhere. This is unlikely because of the caliber of my case, but anything is possible.

    Thanks Guys!

    Here are my specs:

    Case: Antec P180B
    PSU: E6550
    VGA: 8800GTS 320
    MOBO: GA-EP35-DS3R
    RAM: Patriot 1066 DDR2 (1GB X 2)
    PSU: Thermaltake 750 Watt
    Hard drives: Two WD 80 GB in RAID 0
    Optional Drives: 1 DVD ROM; 1 DVD +/- DL
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  3. 11TILLI11

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    Do I take the Battery off the Mobo to drain internal voltage or just the power cord for the PSU?
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    As per the guide

    You need to download your Motherboard manual to find the location of the reset pins
    Locate the pins to short (sometimes has a red jumper)
    Remove the battery
    Short the pins (sometimes the manual say 20 secs)

    Put the battery back it
    Turn on
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    Took your advice and nothing happened. Turned out that I got another 2GB kit of the exact same RAM in today and just swaped my old out and new in and it fired up.

    For now, it is POSTing. What else can I do to ensure stability?
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    Is this now not happening?:
    If not..

    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
  7. 11TILLI11

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    My Computer does turn on. I followed your steps and replaced the RAM and it seemed to work. Thank you very much for your help!

    What can I do to not make this happen again? I don't want to keep going through motherboards...

    Thanks again
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    Years ago, Technicians were once employed for preventative maintenance
    What happened was that many computers faulted not long after doing this maintenance!
    It was discovered that computers lasted longer if they, basically, weren't touched (internally)

    These days, the best practice is to have a dust\smoke free area for your computer
    Check your temperatures (of CPU) every so often (usually never unless you feel something is wrong

    Have the computer serviced, when you see a noticable change in speed, or actual fault occurs.

    Answered ! :grinthumb
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