Computer freezes when moving files around

By Jawshh
Dec 27, 2011
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  1. I have a Samsung Spinpoint HD502HJ SATAII drive and it's been messing with me a lot lately.

    For example, I have this 180MB .mp4 file that I'm moving from Downloads folder to My Videos folder. It take like 5 seconds to movie the file which is fine but during that 5 seconds, the computer is completely unusable, that is, if you click on something, it doesn't open and if you try to restore a minimized window, it doesn't restore for example.

    Now, what if I try to move that 3GB 720p FRAPS video from fraps directory to My Videos? It takes like 10 minutes but during those 10 minutes, I can't do nothing with the computer, I have to wait until the file has been moved to be able to use the computer again. I have a hexa core and 8 Gigs DDR3, which is decent power, so, I'm guessing my HDD is going to fail soon!?

    Now, something else. I was trying to get Team Fortress 2 from steam this weekend. The game downloaded fine but when the installation process started, the computer froze again.

    I have AHCI enabled in bios. I have also tried an old Hitachi SATAII drive and it seems to work a lot faster.

    Should I take the drive back to the store and get a new one? Or, maybe I could backup my files, do a full format and reinstall windows?
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    "Should I take the drive back to the store and get a new one?"...

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