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Aug 6, 2009
  1. why my computer operate so slow. sometimes, it even stop working.please help me, thank you very much!
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    appleling, I think you may be new to computers and there may be a language difference, so let's help you out:

    Unless we have some basic information on your computer, we can't do much. Please go to the Control Panel> click on System> look on the General tab. You will see the following information- we need that:

    The operating system:
    This will be listed at the top: is is Windows XP? Is it Vistsa? Is it something else like Windows 98?
    Right after the operating system, it will show an 'SP'. SP1, SP2, SP3.What number do you have there?

    Who made your computer? Dell? HP? Acer? Someone else?
    Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer?
    There will be information for the processor> it will be for Intel Pentium or AMD most likely. What is yours?
    It had a number by RAM, like 512MB or 2 GB or something else? We need that. This is very important.

    Then you need to be more clear on the slowness:

    • [1]Does the computer start up slow?
      [2]Does it move around the internet slow?
      [3]Did this just start- the slowdown?
      [4]Have you added new programs to the computer recently?
      [5] Did you get any updates before it slowed down?
      [6]Did you do anything in particular before the slowdown began?

      What security programs do you have?
      [1]Norton antivirus?
      [2]McAfee antivirus?
      [4]Something else?
      Do you have any spyware/adware programs:?
      [1] Spybot Search & Destroy?
      [2] Adaware?
      [3] Spyware blaster?
      [4] a program that has antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware bundled together.?

    This will give us something to start with.
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    try usiing Combofix, under windows safe mode
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    Only trained malware cleaning helpers should recommend this program. I notice you have recommended this on 2 threads. best leave that to those who are experienced.
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