Computer Locking in WoW (and now out of it)

By Chrono9084
Feb 12, 2008
  1. Ok, I recently rebuilt my copmputer. It's current configuration looks like this:
    Memmory: 2gb PATRIOT 2GB KIT PDC32G1333LLK
    CPU: CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 2.4G (1066Mhz)
    Video Card: ATI X1800 512mb

    It has an LG litscribe dvd/rw drive and a 500gb maxtor hard drive. Its got plenty of fans and "should" be cool enough.

    After installing all my new goodies, I did a fresh install of windows and everything was running perfectly. I play World of Warcraft and had it running with all graphics set to max. Ran like a dream. About two months into using my computer, it started locking up while playing WoW. It did it for two nights and then stopped. Sometimes it would lock up and you would just see the game but couldnt move the mouse, couldnt ctrl+alt+del out of it. Other times the screen would just go blank. At that point I pulled the side of the case off thinking it might be overheating. That didnt fix the problem. However, after two days, the problem went away magically.

    Maybe 2 weeks later it did it again, once again while playing WoW. I looked at event viewer and noticed a program error from my logitech webcam trying to update its drivers. So I disconnected that and removed its programs and it stopped. I thought I had fixed it. Then last night (exactly one week after removing said logitech software and "fixing" the problem) it starts up again. It crashed 2 times playing WoW and then crashed outside of WoW which leads me to beleive it has nothing to do with WoW. Event viewer shows nothing.

    My first thoughts are that either my video card or power supply are having issues. I dont think overheating is an issue. Maybe my power supply is having a hard time supplying enough power. I think its a 500 and its powering everything + 6 case fans. All of this does not explain the timing of the crashes. Why does it only seem to happen on M/Tu and then go away for a week? I was looking for any programs that are scheduled to run at that time and maybe do an auto update but havent found any.

    Any ideas? This is really frustrating.
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