Computer Locking up Randomly

By Jango
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hello
    Thanks for taking time to look at my problem.
    For the last few months my computer has just stopped responding at random times. Sometimes it won't happen for 2-3 days, then like today, its locked up on my 5 times.
    Seems to always have something to do with sound. It locks up using Cubase, Fruity Loops so the sound is just stuttering.
    If I try to change my sound device in Windows Media Player 11, it locks up.
    It is set to 'primary sound driver' by default, and I just wanted to change it to my Realtek AC97. Each time I do that a few seconds later the computer stops responding.
    I also use an M-audio Audiophile 2496 specifically for music creation but I have pulled it out in order to test components seperately.
    I have 2x512 pc 3200 DDR ram, and 1gb pc 3200 DDR... so in total 2gb ram.
    Right now I am running on the 1gb stick I just purchased today hoping that solved the problem, it has not.
    This is a fresh install of WinXP Home SP2 on a brand new SATA2 hard drive.
    My video card is an EVGA GeForce 6600... which the fan died on me after 3 months, I've upgraded the GPU fan.

    Today I had 2 other lock ups 1 time opening Control Panel, and the other Event Viewer.
    I've scanned for virus etc, nothing of the sort.
    My PSU is a brand new (bought it yesterday) coolermaster extreme power 500w.

    I don't know what changed, i've been running basically the same system and never had any lock up problems. Everything is relatively clean from dust and my airflow is great with this new X-Cruiser tower.

    Leaning towards bad video card now since the ram doesnt seem to be the issue, when i disable the Realtek and use the M-audio i still get lock ups.

    I hope someone out there has some answers.

    Cheers and thanks again
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