Computer power on, monitor stays on sleep

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Mar 19, 2010
  1. Ok, I have had this happen on two of my computers now.

    When I turn on my computer it sounds like it powers on, the fans turn on the green light on the motherboard comes on saying it has power, it Sounds like the HDD turns on and starts running. Ive taken out the Graphics card and plugged the cord into the onboard video, still nothing, ive reset the graphics card, tried putting in only one stick of ram, with each one, (i have 4 sticks 4 1GB) still didnt work, reset CMOS, reset processor, also normally before the monitor stops working either the audio or the onboard LAN stops working, im not sure if its because one of the motherboard screws i use is plastic maybe not giving a good ground.

    if u have any further questions let me know, ive tried almost everything but if you think of something it could be let me know, i sent in the motherboard, thank god for warranties, but i really dont want this to happen to my new motherboard. so any help would be appreciated

    BTW i did build this computer components from, case from
  2. ucould2

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    Case design with MoBo

    I don't know the motherboard or the case designs ( maybe someone else will )
    The green light is for the RAM it is on a different power rail ( and Voltage ) to the Mainboard rail.
    Things to check when the new MoBo arrives before you power the unit ON
    < The clearance underneath the MoBo ( with all the components attached ) between it and the case. It needs to be a positive gap try for at least four post-it-notes wide, more if the fans vibrate the board
    < That the fasteners that do get used for earthing the MoBo to the case are tested with an resistance metre ( 0.00 ohms )
    < That the fasteners that do not get used for earthing the MoBo are insulated against this happening
    Joy 2 the Builder :approve:
  3. Drakozen

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    How do i know which need earthing and which dont, im using a Micro ATX motherboard
  4. ucould2

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    insulate the MoBo electrically

    Did the instructions tell you how many of the fasteners would be used (minimum) for the inboard circuitry eg. of the 23 fasteners 4 are to used to ground the circuit board to earth ? That would deal with how many you need to find correct position for ( I don't believe that these will be the problem however it is possible so that is why it gets a mention)
    On the MoBo the hole(s) that seem to have a shiny silver (or GOLD if you're a high-end builder) metallic circle or washer around the hole are the Earth holes. There may be more holes that line up with the steps. Use all that you can, to the minimum you need to use.
    For the other hole(s) if you still need to use them I would suggest paper / fibre washers this is just for reference purposes look up one close to you or a local hardware might carry stock. You will be looking for a washer that ideally fits snugly around the thread of the fastener and is at least as wide as the top / head or larger.
    Just as important as the screws / fasteners you need to check underneath the board to make sure the steps or the case body do not make contact with the MoBo too.
    Hope this helps
  5. Puiu

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    Most of the times this happens it's either the MB or the RAM.
    Just hope that after they return the board from repairs it works ok ^_^ .
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