Computer restarting/freezing after reformat.

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Nov 11, 2006
  1. The other day my computer was attacked by a virus! I downloaded all
    the appropriate programs and deleted it but by then some of my computer
    files were damaged so I went about reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP!!

    I had received the computer new about a week before and previously had no
    problems installing windows and then using the motherboard cd to install all
    the relevant drivers. I also then put in a graphics card and sound card and installed them using the cd that came with them and it all went smoothly.

    There was me thinking the same would be the case this time but when I try and install the motherboard drivers, onboard sound & vga etc it all goes wrong!!

    Symptons include automatic restarting of the computer as it is booting around
    when the windows logo appears. When I do manage to load it in safe mode I normally get freezing of the computer or error messages appearing!

    Any ideas why this problem has arisen now when just a week ago it was nice and easy to setup?
  2. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    You're using it for only 1 week and all that happened already???? May be you should return it and ask for a brand new one with everything installed.

    I'm pretty sure with a new computer, after you reformat and reinstall, everything should be fine. And because it's new, then you don't have to be worry about losing any important files, so reformat is the good idea.
  3. Roamex

    Roamex TS Rookie

    I had this same type of problem as well. When I bought an asus board the drivers that it came with for the network drivers would cause my computer too crash. I traded for a new board and guess wut happened it crashed again. I would suggest not installing everything and then when you can get on the internet download all the drivers that are up too date and flash the bois. you should not still have a problem if fone that way.

    Or you could just install one driver at a time and test it out.
  4. eightwpm

    eightwpm TS Member Posts: 20

    reformat,re-install without any add-ons until it works. then add-on. just a
  5. tymeracer

    tymeracer TS Rookie

    tymeracer sends: A Format,doesn't always get rid of all viruses,etc.....its like recycle bin ,its gone,but isn't.I had a friend with a like prob. we had to wipe drive,then start anew! to fix.
  6. tymeracer

    tymeracer TS Rookie

    tymeracer sends! restarting/freezing/etc. @ boot ..I've seen with rebuilds,CPU had a few bent pins,if this is the case, use a pencil, with lead removed to straighten with the much care as to not break any.
  7. Strem

    Strem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys for all the help!! I managed to get my computer working again
    by disabling all the onboard items I wasn't going to use such as the modem,
    sound and graphics etc in the bios and install my individual items that I had brought such as a AGP graphics card and PCI sound card one by one!!

    My only slight problem is that I think there is something is still not quite right with the computer as for instance when I select windows updates to automatic I start to get error messages appearing (the ones saying send or do not send) regarding having problems with the updates!!

    Also a game that I previously had on the computer with no problems what so ever appears to crash every now and then?

    Am I just being paranoid? Or does this sound like there is more of a problem?

    Also could the problem be with my copy of windows?
  8. dropzone2006

    dropzone2006 TS Rookie

    try one of those mem test programs
    it just might be a bad stick of ram
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