Computer Restarts for no Reason

By TotallyLost556
Feb 3, 2008
  1. Ok guys bare with me when it comes to pc's I am a little lost.

    I had a trial run of system mechanic pro7 on my system which operated fine. I never had any problems with my system, system restarts, or anything of the sort. My trial ran out and I didn't have the money to buy it so I decided to uninstall it and go to a free antivirus and firewall. Before I uninstalled System Mechanic I downloaded the firewall and antivirus but I did NOT install them I just saved them to my desktop.

    I went to my control panel and click the remove button and it said that it could not remove it. Some things did remove but others would not. So at first I ended up blocking my IP address with trying to remove this stupid program, but I got that fixed. It said that it was not installed so I installed the new antivirus and firewall but when I rebooted the system mechanic loaded along with the new anti and firewall that I just installed, but I got an error saying that real time setting could not be loaded. I downloaded REVO, an uninstaller program, and seemed to get rid of it the System Mechanic didn't load, and I am thinking this is great.

    Now I am faced with a new problem my system just reboots whenever it likes. My screen just goes black and it goes through the normal start up process. There are no error messages just a normal reboot. Another thing is when I click start and then restart my system just sits there I can't initiate a manual reboot.

    There is no way that I can afford a new pc right now, I am getting ready to move, and I need every penny so if you can hell me I would really appreciate it. Oh and please talk to me like I am two because PC lingo is not a strong point with me I do well to be able to remember "msconfig". Thank you so much for your answers I really need some help on this one and I don't know anyone that I can turn to.
  2. subcan

    subcan TS Rookie Posts: 51

    my recommendation is to first uninstall the new antivirus and firewall software - reboot computer - then reinstall System Mechanic Pro 7 the same way you did before. It should allow you to reinstall it.
    Once it is fully installed, reboot computer again.
    Now uninstall System Mechanic Pro 7 from the add remove programs in Windows control panel. Pick any choices that imply complete removal. do not pick any boxes that imply remembering any settings. This should insure complete removal.
    Read the "Uninstalling iolo AntiVirus from System Mechanic Professional" section on
    It gives the proper steps to uninstall.

    What free antivirus did you pick? I also recommend that you just use the Windows Firewall provided by XP service pack 2. (I am assuming that you don't have Vista installed since you were running System Mechanic 7) The windows Firewall is (in my opinion) far better than the "cheap" firewalls out there.

    I hope this gives at least a little help. If you need any clarification at all please ask. There is no stupid question except the one not asked.

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