Computer running very slow

By brooklynfeline · 7 replies
May 22, 2009
  1. My computer is running slow especially on the internet. I don't know if there is anything we can remove to help. Attached is the HJT logfile. Thanks in advance.
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  3. brooklynfeline

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    I completed the 8 steps. I had to remove 5 different old Java updates. I ran a full scan of AVG. I attached new logs. Thanks
  4. touch

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    They looks clean. How are things running now ?
  5. brooklynfeline

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    The internet is still running very slow. It should be running alot faster. We run the AVG and Malwarebytes everyday. I didn't know if there was something that AVG and Malwarebytes were not picking up. In the add and remove programs there was another update that had 5 different versions called J2SE. Can I delete all but the current like I did the Java?
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    I strongly suggest you to uninstall all the existing Anti Virus / adware programs and install the eScan software.
    Download & Run the installation as a trial version. It will remove most of the virus/trojans, etc. After completing installation, reboot and run the utility MWAV again. The virus signatures & engine are updated to the latest. select drive-> all local drives option and click on the Scan & clean.
    use escan antivirus trial version
  7. touch

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    You can delete the 5 different versions called J2SE, except the newest you have downloaded.

    Any improvements with internet speed ?
  8. Upon1

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    Have you tried cleaning out your registry at all? I found that has always helped me speed up my computer. I recommend using RegCure
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