Computer shuts down

By kborghino
Jan 18, 2009
  1. been having this little problem for a year or so. computer shuts down when when my daughter tries to play her games or watch videos/movies. i am assuming it is overheating because it will shut down and i cant immediately restart, i have to wait about 5 minutes. if i wait 2 minutes, it will try to restart, but will just shut down again.
    no viruses, did a clean reinstall with windows, etc.
    opened up today and see that the little fan isnt running, is it suppose to all the time? i installed Speedfan but i can't find where i can run a report that will show why the computer shut down. is there a program that i can install that will tell me why the computer shut down?
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    If this "little" fan in over the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and it is not spinning... This is the cause of your problem. It will have to be replaced by someone more familiar with repairing computers
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    no there is not a program that you can install to tell you why your computer shuts down =]
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    Assuming you have WindowsXP right-click on MyComputer and choose Properties. Now click Advanced and then 'settings' under StartUp and Recovery. In the window that opens up make sure that under 'System Failure' there is a checkbox in Write Event to System Log. Make sure that 'Automatically Restar' is NOT checked. Also, make sure that the 'Write Debugging Information' is the Small Memory Dump. Click Ok and restart the PC.

    Have your daughter try to play a game or watch a movie and when it freezes you should get a Blue Screen with a bunch of info. Write it down and on reboot Google the info. Actually, you don't need all of it just the Parts at the Top (x0000008), center (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) and anything else that look relevant (nvrd64.sys)

    You can also get MotherboardMonitor (free) and if your motherboard supports it then install it and configure it. It will show you the temps and you can have it write a log every n seconds. Have it running, start the game or video and when it freezes reboot and check the log to see what the last temps are.

    Let us know if this helps.

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