Computer Starts Then Crashes

By computernerd180
Dec 4, 2006
  1. I've never seen this before! I've built a few computers, fixed a bunch, but I've never seen this. I am attempting to fix a computer for a co-worker that she told me would run then shut off. I took it home and plugged it in and fired it up. The PC ran and I could view the start up screen, I could hear the PSU running and the lights were on. The PC ran for about 10-15 seconds and then the screen went blank and the PSU sound went away. I looked down and the computer but the power light and the light between both CD-ROM drives were both on. I was thinking it could be the PSU but when those two lights were still on I was confused. No PSU sound but could still see the lights! She told me when she asks me to fix the PC "HP" that it did this since she bought it and it was too late for her to take back. I told her it was probably the PSU, but now I see the lights and it is confusing me. Can the PSU still be bad and show the lights? Can anyone help on what it might be?

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    Yes. You can have a bad PSU and still have the power indicator light on the motherboard lit up.

    Will the computer power back up if you turn it on right after it shuts off? If so how long does it stay up? Is there anything in the Event Viewer that happens right at or just before when the thing shuts off? Are all the power plugs, cables, cards fully seated? Can you monitor the temperature to see if it steadly rises until it shuts off? Those are just some other things to check.
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    No! Wants it powers down and the light stays on it's like it is still on. I have to unplug the PC, plug it back in and the power it up again. I see the start up screen and it gives me the option to go into BIOS and when I try hitting the F key it won't allow before it shuts back down again. That is why I'm thinking it is the PSU. I get power everytime for 5-15 seconds and then gone.
  4. SNGX1275

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    What light(s) are you talking about? On the motherboard itself, or the light on the front panel of the case? The light on the motherboard will be on all the time if the power supply switch is set to on, and can be even if the PSU is bad.

    If it is a light on the front panel of the case then we are dealing with something different. Did you try anything else I asked about in my 1st reply?
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