Computer thinks all media are "Blank CD's"

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I'm new here, and have a question that hopefully you guys will laugh at and say "ahh, that's easy"...

My DVDRW Drive for some reason has decided that all dvd's that I put into it are "Blank CD's", even though I'm trying to run legitimate store bought games and movies. I have another cd drive, and dvd drive that I have unhooked in the hopes that making my dvdrw drive the master and only drive again would solve the problem. It didn't.
When all 3 drives are plugged in they all had the same "Blank CD" message, so I'm inclined to believe it's not the drives themselves that are malfunctioning..

If you guys need any more info, just ask!

Here's my comp. specs.. (From EVEREST)

OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

System Memory 1024 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
Motherboard Name Intel Rock Lake D865PERL (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DIMM)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Springdale i865PE
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 3200 MHz (16 x 200)
BIOS Type AMI (04/02/04)

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (256 MB)
Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 950p(T) [19" CRT] (H3NN416490)
3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT

Audio Adapter Creative EMU10K1 SB Live! Audio Processor

SMART Hard Disks Status OK
SCSI/RAID Controller SCSI/RAID Host Controller
Optical Drive SONY DVD RW DW-U18A (DVD+RW:8x/4x, DVD-RW:8x/2x, DVD-ROM:12x, CD:40x/24x/40x DVD+RW/DVD-RW)
Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive
Disk Drive Maxtor 6Y200M0 (200 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA)

C: (NTFS) 194474 MB (21558 MB free)
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Is it possible that a virus of some sort is causing this? I really want to get my dvd drive working so that I can restore my computer with the restore disc to get rid of a really annoying virus that my computer managed to contract. (the copy.exe one)


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I have had the exact same problem with a client's PC recently, and it turned out to be a faulty DVD Rom.

Possibly yours is faulty too. It cost my client AUD$60.00 for a new one (cheap).
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