Computer will not boot after installing new video card


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Hey, this seems like a weird issue to me.

So, I have a computer that the video card fan died on. I decided to replace the fan, and lo and behold find that most of the fans I can get do not fit properly due to a capacitor in the way. I ended up trying 3 different coolers and got sick of trying them when they would not work.

I decided to just buy a new video card so I opted for a GTS 450. When I recieved it, I installed the card into my tower, and now my computer will not boot. It posts, and video is displayed, but it will not get past initializing HDD controller during boot. I have unplugged all of the hardware I can think of, but nothing seems to help. Strange thing is, this happens on more than one type of video card, and if I put my old card back in with the shotty fan, and it works.

What can I do to remedy this problem? Any help would be greatful. Thanks :D


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have you tired uninstalling the video drivers before you install the new card? also make sure you have the 6pin pci-e power adapter pluged into your card or else it wont boot.


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I have tried a G210 as well as the gts450. The 6 pin connector is plugged in, but i don't think it could be a drivers issue because the system does not even get close to Windows after installing the new card. I do get picture on the screen, but the computer won't boot past the part where of the post where it initializes the HDD controller.

The PSU is a 380Watt Antec Earthwatts. I have run much bigger cards than a G210 on them without issue. However I will try a bigger PSU and get back to you.

OK I tried a 500 Watt and still no go with the 210. MSI has only told me that I either run the old card ad take the risk of the overheat or I get a new board, neither of which is an acceptable answer. Can anyone think of any reason that the 975X Platinum Power Up does not work with a N450GTS?