Computer will not boot up, Power supply shows green led light on mother board

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I just recently Inhearted a computer from school, after my IT teacher couldn't get it to run. Both my IT teacher and I thought for sure it was the power supply or the power switch. The Problem is that the computer dosn't do anything at all when you press the power button. My teacher told me that when he first started having the problem he would press the power button, and maybe Once out of every fifty times it might boot up. then the problem got worse, and only started like every 100th time, now it dosn't work at all. The system is a Used MDG with a 1.5GHZ cpu, and mostly all stock parts. The system came with a stock 300 watt PSU. When I first took it apart, I pulled out the power supply completely, and tried to put in another one, that I had laying around, however it had the wrong connector, so I just put the old one back in. when I put the PSU back in, it seemed to have power, as I could hear the electricty following thorugh it, and a green Led light would light up on the mother board, however if I pushed the power button, it would still do nothing, the CPU fan wouldn't even turn. The only time I actually notice the CPU Fan do a quick turn, is if I disconect the power from the PSU for a long period of time, then reconnect it. So I went to the local computer store tonight with the switch, and the man tested for me, and it did end of being a faulty switch, so I purchased I brand new. I then put it into the computer, and still nothing, and believe me I tired many different configurations on the front panel hookup on motherboard. so that only led me to think that it might be a CPU, so I replaced the old 1.5GHZ cpu, with another 1.7GHZ I had, and still nothing. Is it still possible that this could be a PSU problem? I mean it still lights up the green led light on the motherboard, but then again this is not alot of power, so I'm officially stumped. I'm basicly open to any sugestions at this point,and hoping that this isn't a motherboard issue (if it was, wouldn't it still power up, just blink error lights, or beeps, or somthing). I would really really appretiate any help that you guy's could offer me.

thanks alot
computer won't boot

I think youve got a bad psu. I've had a similiar problemand replaced the psu. Check the voltage outputs and if not in range replace it. twildet
You can do a google or yahoo search for power supply pinouts and then use a multimeter (multitester) to see what the voltage is on the different wires. If you do not have one you can buy one for less than $20 most places that sell electronic parts such as radio shack, home depot, sears, lowes, etc.. Of cours this is not popular advice as you got to think some after you get the multitester, not a lot but some.


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Although it sounds like a dead Mobo to me, you could buy one of those PSU testers (10-20 bux) which will pay for itself after you have used it a few times, to solve problems. It will, at the very least, give enough info to proceed and solve the problem. I believe hswaters has the right idea in getting one of them cheapo PSUs and slap it in there. You will still be able to use the PSU on another system sometime in the future. If you do much in the way of troubleshooting, buying parts/troubleshooting equipment is never a waste, as they will be able in the future.
You can also google the PSU and find exactly what you need.
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