Computer will not POST ( Help )

By punish_yourself
May 18, 2004
  1. System will not post! (help)

    Ok im making a cheap 2nd system for myself and ive had some problems.. SOMEONE HELP ME

    I have:
    Sapphire radeon 7000 64mb ddr graphics card
    Syntax SV266A mobo
    Crucial 128mg ddr pc 2100 mem
    Western digital 80gig hard drive
    AMD Athlon 1900

    I installed all the hardware and switched it on.. the post screen came up but after that the screen went blank after a couple of times of doing this and looking in the bios settings now all that seems to work is the system fans. Im not even getting a post now..

    I think its the motherboard being a bastard to me. Has anyone got any ideas?

    Ive checked the cpu, memory and hard drive on my current system and they are working perfectly. i dont have a agp slot on my current system so i cant check the graphics card.

    help anyone :confused:
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Good that you kept saying "help" otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to reply at all..

    Fist thing to do it trying to boot the bare minimum system: CPU, memory, video - nothing else connected. Triple check that all components are seated in properly.

    Clear your CMOS setup in case you messed something up in there.

    Since it somewhat worked before then it means you have probably dislodged something, misconfigured something or broke some component while troubleshooting (you are not putting the rig together on a nylon carpet, are you? :p )

    When you get the POST picture back and it still crashes: test that memory stick with a memory test pogram, make sure your CPU is not overheating and that you get enough power from the PSU.
  3. punish_yourself

    punish_yourself TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried bootimg minimum components. checked the connections over and over again cleared cmos setup

    not putting it together on a nylon carpet.. if i did id slap myself a few times lol cpu is fine and lots of power from psu.. even tried the cpu from my main system

    im going to my mates house tonight so ill see if they work in his system. and hopefully then ill know what the problem is

    i think the motherboards ****ed lol
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