Computer won't boot, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, win2k

By MrGaribaldi
Sep 28, 2006
  1. Hello.

    I've got a quite annoying problem on my hands. My main computer has decided it will not be bothered with loading windows anymore, and is just giving me the dreaded DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.
    Since this happens about 3 seconds into the boot sequence, I have no way of getting at any minidumps, nor undo what I did before it happened.

    There are three likely possible sources of this problem:
    • Repaired .NET 2.0 by running dotnetfx.exe to make sure I was up to date.
    • Installed the drivers for a topcom Skyracer Wireless USB stick
    • Uninstalled ATI's drivers to get ready for an update

    When I started the computer, there were also a few other things happening, which could be part of the problem:
    • Sound Card being recognized, but no drivers being installed (since I didn't have a driver cd available)
    • TopCom skyracer USB stick being found and left un-installed
    • One other, unidentified, hardware being found and "installed" without any drivers.

    Now, are there any suggestions on what I can do to get this machine back on track, without installing the OS again? Or repairing it?
    I would do the latter, if I only had the OS media, but it is in a box I don't have access to. I tried to download a new copy from my university in Singapore (MSDN Academic Alliance, so fully legal), but it takes too long so the university aborts it.

    The only win2k media I have access to is a light-weight student version, which does not have the files needed to repair the full version. But by installing that, I will be able to load the faulty registry, though I'm not sure what changes are needed to get the system up and running. Nor do I have too much time right now.

    Do any of you have any bright solutions as to what I should do? Or pointers on what values I'll need to change in the registry to get the system to boot?

    It's been about a year since I last did any troubleshooting, so I really appreciate any tips and pointers you can give me!

    Ps. It's good to be back for a while :)
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