Computer wont boot up but the power is on

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Jun 4, 2006
  1. [HELP] Computer wont boot up but the power is on

    OK, heres the story... My computer used to restart a lot.. I always thought it was because of the power supply... after i formatted my computer... it still doing the same thing... but i found out that it was because my mobo is not u i flashed it and everything works fine.. the restart stopped happening anymore..but recently..the restarting problem is back after i got a 19inch i installed and updated the lcd driver..after i did that.. my comp didnt restart for a few days...and then it happened is really inconsistent.. and just today.. the computer just keeps restarting..sometimes even before it loads up windows..and now... the computer wont even boot up but the power is on.. you here the psu, running..but nothing showing on the beep sound... any ideas? thanks

    *edit: also i cant eject my cd drives

    amd althon 2400+
    1gig of ram
    2hd (80/160)
  2. 2damax

    2damax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can someone help me -_-
  3. iss

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    were you getting any error messages when it restarted before? it definitely sounds like a hardwae problem. the best trouble shooting methid is to strip off all the components except the CPU. then plug in and power up, you should get beeps. add memory and repeat the procedure until all the hardware is reinstalled.

    have you tried another PSU to make sure the problem is not the PSU going bad?
  4. 2damax

    2damax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i havent tried another psu yet.i will try it tmr....i did reinstall everything... everytime its the same..
  5. benken2202001

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    This is just a guess since it happened to me, but your motherboard has probably become ungrounded and is protecting itself by not completing the circuit. I know this is a pain, but you'll have to take everything off. Usually if you have a standard ATX case, you can get by with unplugging the IDE cables and power cables, get a non-magnetic screwdriver, and unscrew the mobo screws and carefully slide the mobo out. check to make sure all your grounding screws (usually gold-bronze colored) are in nice and tight. then reseat the mobo and reconnect everything.
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