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Jul 30, 2002
  1. My system is supposed to shut down automatically when I shut down Windows. However, instead the OS shuts down, but the system stays active(eg: fans, lights, etc...). After a few seconds of this, an alarm starts to sound. The only way for me to power down the system is to hold in the power button until the system shuts off. Then when I restart, I have to hit the reset button after turning on the power, or the system won't boot. One other thing to mention concerning this problem: The Hard drive seems to be making a clicking sound like it is trying to reboot the system after I have shut it down. May not be related, but I thought I would mention it.

    My Specs:
    Windows XP Home
    Intel Celeron 1.0GHZ
    Via Apollo PLE133 Chipset on Gigabyte 6VEML Board
    256 MB PC133 SDRAM
    18 GB WD HDD@7200rpm
    50X CD-ROM
    12X10X32 CD-RW
    Aopen Nvidia TNT2 M64 32MB Video
    On board Audio

    This is an annoying little problem, yet does not seem to cause any noticeable system problems.

    Any help would be appreciated..:eek:
  2. SuperCheetah

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    Do you have a network card? I know my Abit KG7-Raid board will not automatically restart when I tell it to. I have to press the reset button again.

    I found out this is because the network card (Netgear FA312) doesn't work well with my mobo. I also have a VIA chipset so it could have something to do with that, but I'm not sure.
  3. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 199

    The mobo has the Ethernet capabilities onboard. Realtek 8139. This little bug is driving me crazy. First I thought it was a heat problem, but I since have installed enuff fans to create a hurricane inside the thing.

    I am quite perplexed.:knock:
  4. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

  5. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 199

    Thanks Phantasm. I'll give it a looksee. By the way, it is Win XP. Sorry about that.
  6. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 199

    After trying out a few things from the Microsoft Web, I have had zero luck in solving the problem? I thought it may have been a USB problem, but I was wrong. I'm open to suggestions.:confused:
  7. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 199

    This is driving me nuts!! I tried everything Microsoft had to offer. I thought it might be a power management problem, but couldn't resolve it. It even starts up on its own now after I shut it down. If I didn't know any better, I'ld say there's a Gremlin hiding in my den. Help!!
  8. Mictlantecuhtli

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  9. Rick

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    In the BIOS, there will be an option that will allow you to specify how the system starts after a reboot/power failure. This feature is probably not available with many store-bought computers however.

    There should be a few options such as "resume to last state", "Turn on"... "Turn off"... etc.. You might want to select the option that will keep it off. Just a suggestion.

    I'm not sure about what would cause your other problem. It is usually due to poor compliance with power standards (or at least it was back in the days of Windows 98). You might want to install Windows XP service pack 1 to update your system. I'm sure it will resolve some power management bugs.
  10. Goofy Newfie

    Goofy Newfie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 199

    I just completed a move from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, and after hooking up the system, everything runs and shuts down fine. Go figure.?.?.:confused:
  11. Spazeman85

    Spazeman85 TS Rookie

    I'm having a similar problem... I have XP Pro SP2, and my computer has no trouble at all with restarting, but it will not power off when I shutdown. When I shutdown from the start menu or using the shutdown.exe command, it closes out of windows, but then my pc just sits there with the power on and a blank screen. Then I have to hold in the power button to shutdown.

    I'm going to see if I can find anything useful on that link to the ms site... I suspect it may be something with a process not ending or a usb device, but I don't really know since it started out of the blue. My mobo has a an ACPI compatibility issue, but this has not caused this problem in the past...

    I'd appreciate any ideas...


    Athlon Thunderbird 1333
    Iwill kk266-r motherboard
    Geforce 4 ti4200
    1 Gb PC133 (yeah old school)

    other: wintv card, audigy, usb 2.0 pci card... etc...
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