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Feb 3, 2004
  1. Hi im new to this.
    Can anyone help? please
    Just trying to build a computer. bought a new asrockk7vt2 motherboard, amd athlon xp2400+ 266mhz socket a cpu and fan, gforce4 agp8x mx440 graphics card and 256mb ddr memory put it all in the computer double checked all cables where in correct, switched on and nothing:( hard drive and floppy drive doesn't work and the monitor also doesn't work, the only things that seem to work is the modem as light is lite and the draw of the cdrw opens . the fbs_sel1 jumper is set at 133 mhz like it states in the manual. does anyone have any ideas. please
    also do i have to clear the cmos by shorting the solder point and what does the cmos do any help would be appreciated

    regards gamie
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Have a look here:

    The CMOS holds all the basic information about your computer, such as HD-setup, speed of memory, which drive starts first etc. This is manageable through the BIOS. On a new PC, everything is set to default, so no need to reset anything.
  3. Steg

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    Have u got another working computer you can test the various pieces of your machine in?
    A 'non-start' can be caused by failed or failing anything (mobo, cpu, ram, gfx card etc)
    Take all the non-essential stuff out of your machine - leave ONLY motherboard, CPU + HSF, RAM, Gfx & PSU. If it now posts then you know that one of the components you have removed is faulty. Replace these components one at a time until the machine wont post, then the last component you put in must have failed (logic, gedit?)
    If you have another working machine you can test your RAM of GFX card in, you can narrow the problem down even further.
    Hope that is some help
    Keep posting your progress

  4. Bug

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    I agree, start with as few devices as possible (ie remove modem, hard drive cables). Also remove the moBo from the case and verify that all the posts fit with the screw holes. If there is a post that doesn't have a hole in the MoBo, remove it from the case...
    If possible, set up the MoBo, PSU, RAM, etc outside of the case and see if it posts. Make sure the MoBo is lifted from contacting anthing before applying power.
  5. kingul

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    I have seen apparently dead computers that had been damaged by invisible power line anomalies or damaged by static electricity revived by removing power plug and battery for one minute then replace battery and reset bios.

    I say invisible power line anomalies as our area is in the country and every PC that has an UPS or Sine Wave inverter has no problems at all.

    One PC failed weekly with defects in the operating system or in other software. Fitted an UPS and no more problems.
    This type of damage can be mistakenly identified as virus infections.

    One day, lightning flashed and friend`s PC died. I removed the battery and power plug for one minute then reconnected and it was OK.

    I stress to pull out the power plug as power is on ATX motherboards always. Important to also do this to remove memory resident virus then use Data Eraser to ensure bugs are wiped out.
    Have seen bugs survive fdisk and format.

    My web page:
  6. SonicMat

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    My Asrock K7VT2 MoBo refuses to POST

    This is somewhat familair to me. I have upgraded my CPU ona similar board, Asrock K7VT2 from Duron 1300 to Athlon 2600. I set the jumpers, but after rebooting it only recognizes it as Athlon XP 1250. I set the speed to Manual in the BIOS and increase the FSB gradually from 133 towards 140 +. I eventually got it as AthlonXP 2400, but when I increased the FSB to 150 + it refused to power (no POST). So I took out the CMOS battery and reselected the FSB_Sel and rebooted a few times. Nothing. Not even POST. All I get is 8 short beeps. I tried to change from AGP to PCI, and changed memory , CPY, PSU to no avail. Sometimes I get 3 long beeps if I change the FSB-Sel1 jumpers between 100-133, and the components and sometimes nothing just silence. The floppy drive goes crazy with intermittent read activity so I unplugged it. Can I flash the BIOS if that's corrupted? How can I do that if there is no video signal?

    I looked up the beep codes : 8=display memory error. Have I fried the MoBo Chipset. It seems the CPU gets warm, but the golden chipset heatsink does not!

    I hope someone can give me some good advice .... apart from tossing the MoBo into the recycle bin ;(


  7. Tedster

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    and UPS should cure that problem.
  8. korrupt

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    Ive had the same problem before, after several furious hours of swapping over cpu, mobo and anything else I could think cause the problen, it turned out I hadnt plugged in the 4pin power cable:)

    Most things have a simple solution;)


  9. SonicMat

    SonicMat TS Rookie

    Asrock K7VT2 won't POST, 8 short beeps


    No. There is no 4 pin power socket on this MoBo. It is K7 133 (200-266 FSB)for Duron /Athlon, Athlon XP CPU's.

    As for UPS, this is useful for sure next time. But at present I would like to know what is the fate of this board... Is it dead and beyond slavation?

    Many thanks in advance for any hints, advice or information with regards to this MoBo, and how to cure a possibly damaged BIOS? I am no expert at this so please make it as plain and simple as possible :)


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