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Mar 11, 2010
  1. My Dell laptop (Inspiron 6000) reads my dvd-rw drive as a Pioneer DVR-K14 but the physical drive is labeled HP DVR-K14LB (HP Part 375983-001) and it glitches when I burn DVDs, I can't seem to find neither drivers nor firmware for the drive. A third party diagnostic I ran on it returned a "not Pioneer" and "outdated firmware". It burns CDs with no problem but I literally have spent hours crawling around Dell, HP and Pioneer. None of the aforementioned site even recognize the Drive ID and firmware downloads reject the drive. Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried several different burning programs with the same result.

    At wits end...sigh
  2. mailpup

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    It's probably time to replace the drive. Fortunately it's not that difficult.
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    Where I work we use XP and most of the time Label Printers never install the proper drivers, giving wrong ones just like your case. The best solution I have found is to, hope you have the discs that came with it, unistall the driver in your device manager. When it comes up again that it found new hardware to say have disc, and install the driver manually. What OS are you using? Can you find the specific driver for your DVD drive for your OS? If you can, going the manual way seems to be the best solution for that. Once you have the right software installed for your hardware, you should be fine with burning!
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    Reply to Yello88

    I'm running Win XP Pro Sp3 and, no, I do not have the setup disc for the laptop. I have tried to find a driver and/or firmware, going thru Dell, HP, Pioneer and Microsoft with no luck. Those sites merely ran me around in endless loops and the firmware Dell suggested for my specific make and model would not load as it was unable to read the drive. The writer works fine with CDs and most of the time with DVDs. It reads both with no problems. This is why I suspect that the fault rests with the driver and/or firmware. Moreover, I can't find out from Dell which drive came with an Inspiron 6000 service number 16NPZ81. If anyone knows the OEM drive, I would appreciate knowing same. I would like to install the original if nothing else works.
  5. mailpup

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    Even if you buy it directly from Dell, it might not be the exact same brand and model as your original so there is nothing sacred about it. That said, if you go to the Dell site and use the service number, it should get you to the proper replacement part.
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