Confused on what cpu to get, please help

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Nov 29, 2006
  1. I'm looking to build a new pc soon, and I am an amd fan, but the new line of proccessors latley have been confusing me a little. Theres the AMD Athlon 3800+ / 2.40GHz and it has 2000mhz. Now theres the AMD Althon 64 "X2" 4200+/2.20Ghz which 1000mhz, and 2000 MT/s. Which is the better processor. I would think the 4200 is, but its 2.2 and not 2.4. Also I saw a post saying that the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 is way better than the AMD 4200. How is that possible its 1.86GHz, amd a bus speed of 1066MHz. Although is has 2Mb Cache size. But the 4200 is 1Mb I believe. So how can the E6300 be way better and faster? Which is the better proccessor, or what would be the best processor duo core, for around $215? Thanks for your help.
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    The new Intel Conroe (E Series) are passing every other chip in benchmark performance. They are also duo core, so don't let the 1.8 fool you. If you go with AMD, I suggest an X2 dual core CPU, I'm currently using the 4400+, but they have a new chip called the AM2, so you may want to grab an X2 with the new AM2 pinout.

    If "I" were going to build a new PC "today" it would definately be an E6600 or higher Conroe Intel duo-core. Real world performance is what I want, not theoretical clock speeds. I've seen benchmarks with the Conroe beating AMD's FX-62 $1000+ CPU.
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    How much for this 6600

    After lookign around, i found that the E6600 is around $320.00. I'm not looking to build a pc worth alot of money. I'm looking to speend around ther price of the 4200 to build my gaming pc. But I guess if i hold off, i could buy the E6600 or better once i save some cash.
  4. cjmagnum

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    I also am not the most computer literate person. But the Core 2 duo, even the E6300, is very powerful and holds its own against the 4200+ (X2). And for the AMD's that are more powerful. The core 2 duo can easily overclock its way to the power of more powerful AMD's including the FX-62.
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    I'd get the E6300. It can easily overclock to 2.6-3.0GHZ speeds, and beats easily any AMD CPU out there.
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    E6300 FTW, i have an E6300 with a mid-level board and mid-level RAm and i blow out the FX-62 in every bench there is
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