Confusion on port forwarding for CS 1.6 dedicated server

By Antixianos
Nov 30, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to play online with a friend of mine via Half-Life Dedicated Server. I've spent a bit over an hour, trying to figure out how to do a proper port-forwarding. I'm really bad with computers and I am confused on what to do with this:
    (I cannot post links, add http in front)

    I've heard it is bad to give out your IP addresses online so I'm going to use some letters. :)
    The IP I used on Internet Explorer to look at my Router settings is:
    The IPv4 for my Ethernet Connection after typing ipconfig in CMD is:
    This one has a 2 at the end instead of a 1, but the numbers before it are all the same.
    My external IP in is:

    According to Cstrike planet, CS 1.6 needs:
    1200-1200 UDP
    27000-27015 UDP
    27030-27039 TCP

    When I start my Dedicated Server, the GUI shows me:

    I can give more info if needed. Thank you for taking the time to read.

    Edit: Should this go in PC Gaming, or Networking? I was thinking of Networking but I decided on this.
  2. LookinAround

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    The internet is the Wide Area Network (WAN).

    Your WAN address (that is your IP "public" address on the internet) is what you're seeing returned by DD.EE.FF.GG (and is the address you wouldn't to give publish in a forum)

    Your LAN addresses are the computer and device addresses of devices connected to your home network.

    So your router has BOTH a public WAN side IP address DD.EE.FF.GG as well as a LAN side IP address AAA.BBB.C.1 (which is how the router acts your LAN <==> WAN gateway since its can see traffic both LAN and WAN networks)

    So you want to have the traffic over the internet addressed to your public IP address on the WAN ports routed to a specific and local computer.

    So open the WAN ports for each range and direct it to the IP address of your computer on those same ports

    e.g. WAN ports 1200-1200 UDP should be directed to AAA.BBB.C.2 1200-1200 UDP.

    do similar for the other 2 port ranges as well
  3. Antixianos

    Antixianos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried what you said and this is what I have:
    I'm wondering if I did it correctly. To have other people have access to my game server, I would have to shutdown the firewall, right?
    Here is what I did with the firewall (exceptions):
    For some reason, after doing what I did (in both of those pictures), canyouseeme . org still says Connection Timed Out on my 27015 port. Even when I turned it off.

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