I have lots of compute power but I don't know what to use it for


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So I'm going to call this Hardware Acquisition Syndrome, I have a bit of an addiction for buying hardware that isn't THAT old.

Long story short, I'm always browsing ebay and stuff for a deal. I have 4 1800x's and a 1700x. One of the 1800x's is in my main rig but I'm not talking about that.

I have the 1700x running my NAS. One of the 1800X's is running for running dedicated gaming servers, currently just a minicraft and alien swarm server. They all have 64gigs of ram, I bought 16x16GB sticks of 2133 on ebay for just under $350 after shipping. Also, all of them are running Linux mint. But I have 2 systems that are just sitting idle. I recently picked up a used 8 port 10GbE switch and wanted to upgrade everything to 10 gigabit but I don't know what to do with any of this stuff. I was considering turning one into a mining rig.

Anyway, before I rant anymore, does anyone have any projects I can use this stuff for before I start buying equipment again? I do this stuff totally as a hobby.


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You have a good start on a career in IT. That is pretty much how I got started too. I wanted to work with them as a hobbyist and my house was covered in new and used and the next you know I hang a shingle that says: 'Open For Business' and that was 18 years ago.
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Windows 10 put a complete kibosh on my HAS. I realized that Nadella was a complete a**hole from day one.

Meanwhile, I found legitimate copies of Windows 7 for about. $30.00, and I'm rehabbing an Intel G-31 Pent dual core E-2200 (Q4 07) system with it.

Then there's my, "don't throw anything away, just but a bigger monitor for it", rule. I have nine of those laying around, (4 in use). But 2K is where I draw the line".

24" & 27" in vertical are great for viewing "erotic art" in portrait orientation. (I have one 27" 1080p in portrait orientation I use for annoying people here at Techspot. I can almost read the print without my glasses. A big step up from the Dell 24" CCFL turd I was using. With that, I had to get about 9" from the screen to hone my rudeness to a sharp point.

So, I consider buying bigger monitors, as a sort of, "maintenance ,medication", to thwart a complete cold turkey withdrawal from FAS

In conclusion my most exalted Prince, I eagerly await video of the royal goat, in a format I can use. (Nothing larger than standard Blu-ray).